Captain Britain, Meggan, Shadowcat Excalibur Three-Pack Coming

Just when I thought the Marvel Legends line was getting stale, Hasbro announced that we’re getting some classic X-MEN characters bundled together. Entertainment Earth is currently taking pre-orders for a three-pack of figures from the off-shoot comic that started in 1987. Hasbro picked three characters for this set: Captain Britain, Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde), and Meggan.

Meggan and Shadowcat’s powers are hard to show off in figure form, so there are no effects pieces to speak of. However, each figure does come with an alternate pair of hands. In addition, Captain Britain comes with his sword, and an alternate bearded head sculpt. Oh, and Lockheed the dragon is included, too.

The set is priced at $66.99 and should ship next month!

X-Men Excalibur Marvel Legends Captain Britain, Meggan, Shadowcat

Using his super strength, flying ability and courage, Captain Britain fights for justice throughout the world and in other dimensions as well. Meggan is a mystical mutant metamorph, able to change her shape at will. Shadowcat possesses the mutant ability to “phase” her molecules, letting her pass through walls, walk on air, and allowing things she touches to do the same.


Aside from being Excalibur, the best part about this set is that this isn’t one of Hasbro’s plastic-free boxes. All three characters, along with their accessories, are clearly visible and look fantastic. The back of the box also has a welcome surprise. Rather than being an ad for other Marvel Legends figures, we get recreations of the X-MEN trading cards showing off the history, powers, and stats of the Meggan, Captain Britain, and Shadowcat.

I hope Hasbro realizes how damaging the windowless boxes are to the collectibles market. We buy these things to display, not to play. If nothing else, find a way to show off the product we’re buying without clear plastic. Hasbro already does this with several Transformers figures, so why not apply that to Marvel Legends and the Star Wars Black Series?

What do you think would help improve Hasbro’s path with the Marvel Legends line of action figures? For example, does having windowless boxes make you less likely to collect specific figures? Is there an alternative way Hasbro could box the figures but also cut down on plastic? Let us know in the comments section below.

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