Can It Play Doom? No! The Apple Watch Can Now Play Quake!

Tomas Vyzmazal

It’s common these days to see id Software’s original DOOM running on all sorts of hardware. If it has a screen, you can probably rip and tear. But what about the developer’s other shooters? What could run Quake? Today, we learned via PC Mag that someone got the original Quake to run on an Apple Watch.

Check out the video of Quake in motion on Tomas Vyzmazal Series 5 Apple Watch. Based on the stats shown on the Watch’s screen, the iconic FPS is playing at around 60 frames-per-second at 640X480. Aiming up and down is done by rotating the dial while moving and firing on done with on-screen buttons. Vyzmazal programmed in a feature to switch movement to be done via the Watch’s built-in gyroscope. Sadly, he did not show off how firing or jumping would be accomplished in this mode.

Since this is an unofficial port of the game, you won’t be finding it for purchase anytime soon. However, for those of us with coding knowledge and a Mac, all you have to do is visit Vyzmazal’s GitHub to start your journey. There he has listed all the required downloads. This particular mod of the game is running on an Apple Watch Series 5, with watchOS 8.6, and transferred via an iPhone with iOS 15.6:

You cannot get the build on App Store, but you can build this yourself, having a Mac and Xcode this release does not contain any assets as they are copyrighted with non permissive licence (as opposed to the code), but you can use to download and extract pak0.pak from zip of shareware release of Quake1.

Quake was id Software’s fast-paced first-person shooter, which launched in 1996. Over the years, the title and its subsequent sequels were ported to multiple platforms, but nothing this small. To be fair, playing Quake on an Apple Watch isn’t ideal because the controls are minimal. However, it does show us there are possibilities currently unexplored by developers.

[Source: PC Mag]
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