Blade Movie Delayed Again Because of Writer Strike

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that have been anticipating the release of the Blade movie will have to wait a bit longer. Many movie and television show projects have been getting delayed due to the ongoing strike by the Writers Guild of America. With many Hollywood writers on strike, upcoming projects with work still left to do on them will be getting delayed or put on pause until an agreement can be met. This includes upcoming Marvel movies that fans have been waiting on for a long time.

According to a report in The Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming Blade movie is being put on pause due to the writers’ strike happening right now. Preproduction on the movie was shut down by Marvel Studios when it became apparent that a strike from the Writers Guild of America was actually happening. Not too long before, Marvel recently hired a new writer to help with the script for Blade. Nic Pizzolatto, who previously created True Detective, was brought in to work on the script but was unable to accomplish much before the strike took place. According to a source from THR, time just ran out.

While everyone will be waiting patiently for a long while for everything to settle up between Hollywood studios and writers, Marvel fans can rest assured production on Blade will continue after the strike is over. However, Blade isn’t the only movie to possibly be affected by the strike. Other big films like Deadpool 3, Fantastic Four, and more could be affected as well if things with the strike were to drag out for longer than expected. Other films like Captain America: New World Order and Disney Plus show like Agatha: Coven of Chaos is currently filming. Despite that, release dates for those projects and others can be affected if the writers’ strike isn’t settled up any time soon.

The Blade movie has been delayed before, with the film’s original director Bassam Tariq leaving the project over creative differences back in 2022. That change in the project caused Marvel Studios to shift things around with the release dates for Phase 5 films. Blade, which stars Mahershala Ali as the title character, is the first time we’ll see the character make a return to the big screen years after the role was played by Wesley Snipes from 1998 to 2004. Blade was also played by American rapper Sticky Fingaz in Blade: The series for SpikeTV on television back in 2006.

One source speaking with THR talked about the effect of the strike on current productions and other projects getting ready to go into production. “There’s a billion dollars net in production costs that are exposed because of the strike. That’s certainly a concern…” strives to be an apolitical, balanced and based pop culture news outlet. However, our contributors are entitled to their individual opinions. Author opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of our video hosts, other site contributors, site editors, affiliates, sponsors or advertisers. This website contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. We disclaim products or services we have received for review purposes, as well as sponsored posts.

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