Apple To Now Charge More To Replace Older Device Batteries


If you’ve got an iPhone a couple of years old, get ready to pay more for a battery replacement. Apple tech that’s now out of warranty will be more costly to repair. This affects everything from iPhones to MacBooks.

The battery replacement price increases will go into effect on March 1st. We went through Apple’s repair portal and checked out the current battery replacement costs, and created a possible pricelist based on PC Mag‘s article:

iPhone models X, 11, 12, 13 – $89

5th generation and earlier models of iPad Pro 12.9″ models, Pro 10.5″, Pro 9.7″, iPad Mini, and iPad Air – $119

MacBook Air (2022 and earlier) – $159

MacBook and MacBook Pro (2022 and earlier) – $249

Considering Apple devices are known to suffer from bloating batteries and manufacture-imposed quality of life restrictions, many will suffer through needlessly expensive simple repairs if customers visit an Apple Store and “Genius” Bar. However, remember that replacing a battery on most Apple devices is relatively easy and can be done at home for far less if you’re comfortable popping open the case.

The price hike was not mentioned, but it could be due to inflation or supply chain issues. In general, prices for replacement parts for all industries have increased. In addition, car insurance policies have increased by 20-30% over the past year due to the cost to repair rapidly moving upward. My premium went up an additional $60/month this year despite never having an at-fault accident.

On the audio-video front, several manufacturers of pro-audio parts have postponed orders because of significant supply chain disruptions, mainly due to the ongoing chip shortages. As a result, companies like Crestron and Shure are raising prices each quarter and pushing delivery dates of existing orders back several months.

How many times have you had to get a battery replaced on an Apple product? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: PC Mag]

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