Animation Twitter LOSES IT Because Paramount Put John Lasseter in Charge of EVERYTHING…

Paramount and Skydance are merging, and it sounds like Former Pixar Boss John Lasseter will be put in charge of ALL animation — including Nickelodeon. And Animation Twitter CANNOT stand it. We talk about how Paramount Animation refused to work with him a few years ago, and how Women in Animation put him on blast. Yep, he’s totally NOT cancelled…

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Paramount’s decision to put John Lasseter in charge of animation has caused backlash and concern within the industry due to his past behavior and treatment of women.

00:00 Paramount is putting John Lasseter in charge of animation, despite previous statements against working with him, and Twitter is freaking out.

01:31 Paramount’s decision to put John Lasseter in charge has upset animation Twitter, leading to concerns about job losses and the industry returning to a meritocracy.

03:47 Paramount’s new deal with Skydance will have John Lasseter taking on a major role in animation, with a focus on technological advancements and profitability, while also facing controversy over the hiring of Jeff Shell as CEO.

06:43 People are upset about John Lasseter being put in charge at Paramount due to his past behavior, causing tension and backlash in the animation industry.

09:11 Paramount’s decision to put John Lasseter in charge has caused concern and backlash within the animation industry.

11:00 Paramount puts John Lasseter in charge, causing backlash from animation Twitter over concerns about his treatment of women in the industry.

12:19 Paramount has put John Lasseter in charge of everything, causing uproar on Animation Twitter due to his past mistakes and controversies.

13:17 John Lasseter will keep his job because he made Studios billions of dollars, and they care about money, not animators’ feelings.

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