Adobe is F*CKED! Feds SUE Them! Adobe’s Own Employees TURN on Them!

It’s getting so much worse for Adobe. Now they’re being sued by the US Dept of Justice for scammy cancellation practices, and their own employees are turning on them after the Terms of Service update which effectively grants them the right to snoop in your cloud files. Meanwhile, Affinity is on sale right now. Just saying.

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Adobe is facing a lawsuit for deceptive subscription practices and failing to properly disclose terms, causing trouble for the company and leading to a perception of being an “evil company” among its users.

00:00 Adobe is being sued for deceptive subscriptions, facing internal backlash from employees, and an alternative software called Affinity is being recommended. E

01:39 Adobe is being sued by the government and facing backlash from employees over their deceptive subscription policies.

03:39 Adobe sued by US DOJ for deceptive subscription practices, facing criticism for poor customer service and intentional frustration tactics to keep subscribers.

06:33 Adobe is facing a lawsuit for allegedly trapping consumers into year-long subscriptions with hidden fees and making it difficult to cancel, while also facing criticism from its own employees.

09:05 Adobe is being sued by the Department of Justice and facing internal backlash from unhappy employees over new terms of service.

11:47 Adobe is being sued for potential misuse of customer data and facing internal backlash over privacy concerns and cloud storage usage.

13:43 Adobe is facing legal trouble and internal conflict, with accusations of looking into people’s Google Drives and their own employees turning against them.

15:11 Adobe is facing a lawsuit and backlash from its own employees for privacy concerns and performance issues.

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