2D Animated Film Koati in Theaters October 15th

Today, you will have the opportunity to watch a 2D animated movie in theaters called Koati. This animated comedy film features a family of exotic creatures from the Latin American rainforests. Koati is an animated film starring three unlikely heroes: Nachi, a free-spirited coati; Xochi, a fearless monarch butterfly; and Pako, a hyperactive glass frog who embark on an exciting journey to prevent a wicked coral snake named Zaina from destroying their land of Xo.

English trailer:

The movie is director Rodrigo Perez-Castro’s debut feature film, with other credits including being a storyboard artist for such films as Tarzan 2: The Legend Begins, Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas, The Book of Life, Ferdinand, and The Fox and the Hound 2. Executive producers include Sofia Vergara and Marc Anthony.

Koati production crews include renowned Hispanic producers, musicians, actors, comedians and influencers who team up to celebrate the magical realism of the Latin American jungles, the Amazonian rain forest, the Ancient Mayan low lands, and the unique creatures that call it home.

Spanish trailer:

The Koati website makes it a point to mention that these creators, and everyone involved with the making of this movie, have joined together for the first time to step outside of Hollywood to create an animated movie that celebrates Latino culture, nature, music and hope.

In part of creating Koati, includes +5,000 hand-made drawings and +2,000 hand painted backgrounds. Koati partnered in 2021 with WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature) in a united effort to develop and create a comprehensive and powerful way to educate and promote more sustainable lifestyles. Koati’s message is that “together we can save nature, and in turn we will discover that nature will save us“.

Some behind the scenes look into the creation of Koati:

A few personal notes from the Director:

You will be able to watch Koati in select theaters today with the option to watch with English audio, or in Spanish audio with English subtitles. Click on Fandango to see movie show listings near you.

What do you think? Are you excited to see an original 2D animated film made outside of Hollywood?

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