Crimson Rhen, a YA Graphic Novel, Raises Over $100,000 via Crowdfunding

Crimson Rhen, a young adult graphic novel, has raised over $100,000 in combined pre-orders via crowdfunding sites Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.

Crimson Rhen of the True North is the first of an all-new two book adventure series. This full color comic is created and written by Kambrea and Thomas Pratt (Disney Comics) with Jose Garcia (Dreamworks TV, Netflix, Nick, Cartoon Network) providing the manga inspired, animation-style artwork.

After an attempt to publish through mainstream publishers resulted in closed doors, Crimson Rhen is finally setting sail thanks to options available to independent authors and comic book creators in 2022.

“When we first pitched Crimson Rhen in 2012, crowdfunding was still fairly new and the only way you got a book like this out there was to publish through a traditional publisher like Scholastic Graphix or First Second Books,” publisher and co-writer Thom Pratt said. “You only crowdfunded a book if there were no other options. In 2022, crowdfunding is often the first choice for creators, with publishers taking note of the interest in an indie project before deciding to get involved. It’s leveled the playing field in favor of creatives. There are no more gatekeepers.”

Crimson Rhen is described as “The Goonies on an airship.” It’s a classic adventure story about a group of kids in the fantasy world of Belatyr striking out to find a lost treasure while fending off air pirates. Rhen is a brash young mage whose temper and lack of control sends the kids on their quest. While described as a young adult title, the book is designed for adventurers of all ages. It’s a prequel to the Pratts’ popular webcomic Shadowbinders, which they also plan to continue in print.

Crimson Rhen is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter at and also on IndieGoGo via InDemand through November 18, 2022. It’s scheduled to ship in Spring of 2023. The hardcover graphic novel is over 130 pages of full-color art and costs $40 (shipping included) in the U.S.

Sample pages can be viewed below (art by Jose Garcia.)

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