Who the F*CK is Dungeons & Dragons Even FOR Now?

The new One DnD Player’s Handbook is coming out, and it seems like WotC doesn’t know who Dungeons & Dragons is for anymore. They’ve alienated the oldheads, while also angering the “diverse new audience” with the OGL and AI debacles. Ideally, they just want gay hipster baristas from Portland. Or something.

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The new version of Dungeons and Dragons is alienating its core tabletop audience by trying to appeal to a different demographic and potentially turning into a mobile app with a subscription model.

00:00 The new version of Dungeons & Dragons is trying to appeal to a different demographic, moving away from its historical roots as a war game, with a trend towards infantilization and a departure from the traditional style.

03:25 The speaker questions who new Dungeons & Dragons content is for, criticizing changes for diversity and inclusivity, with characters like Sherlock Holmes, a battle wheelchair, and pirates.

05:20 Dungeons & Dragons is now for a more inclusive audience, but there is criticism about the game trying too hard to be diverse and inclusive.

08:33 Dungeons & Dragons is changing to target a different audience, with the removal of racist elements and plans for a mobile app and AI dungeon Masters, causing concern for the game’s original purpose.

11:05 Dungeons & Dragons has shifted to focus on character backstories, losing diversity and gamification in favor of fanfiction generation.

13:03 Dungeons & Dragons lacks diversity and alienates older players, causing frustration and nostalgia for the second edition.

14:35 Dungeons & Dragons has become too complex and commercial, leading serious gamers to abandon it for other RPG systems, but the speaker laments the loss of the original era and the corporate takeover of the game.

17:20 It’s time to make new Dungeons & Dragons content and leave the old stuff behind.

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