Voice Actors Just Made OBSOLETE by Their Own Hollywood Union!

Voice actors were blindsided by SAG-AFTRA cutting a deal to sell AI voices, with many performers saying they were not aware this was happening. So far this deal only affects performers in the video game industry… but we all know it won’t stop there. So what exactly did y’all go on strike for, again?

Additional Context:
The recent agreement signed by SAG-AFTRA with Replica Studios, allowing the use of AI voices in video games, has sparked significant controversy within the voice acting community. Many voice actors, including those who have worked on high-profile games like “Starfield” and “Red Dead Redemption 2,” have expressed their concerns and dissatisfaction with the deal, claiming that they were not consulted or informed about it. This sentiment of being blindsided by the agreement is shared by a number of prominent voice actors, who argue that they were unaware of these developments and feel that their opinions were not sought by the union.

The deal between SAG-AFTRA and Replica Studios was intended to allow game developers to use AI voices, with the union stating that the agreement ensures “performer consent and negotiation for uses of their digital voice double” and provides actors with an opportunity to “opt out” of the AI’s use in new works. However, the response from voice actors suggests a lack of transparency and consultation in the process, raising questions about the inclusivity and fairness of the agreement.

This controversy follows the significant 2023 actors’ strike, which focused on issues related to AI, among other concerns. The current situation reflects ongoing tensions over the use of AI in creative industries and highlights the need for clear communication and inclusive decision-making processes within unions and the broader industry​​​​​​​​.

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