UNcanceled: Jon Stewart, Shane Gillis, and J.K. Rowling…

Cancel Culture is getting canceled at a VERY quick pace. The Daily Show viewership increased MASSIVELY since Jon Stewart cracked jokes about Biden. Shane Gillis not only hosted SNL from getting fired from it, but he also got a Bud Light AND a Netflix deal. And J.K. Rowling just keeps on winning despite Twitter’s attempt to end her career. Pretty soon those who participated in ‘cancel culture’ will be looked at with as much disdain as crusty hippies were in the mid-1980s. It’s so 2017.

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Additional Context:
The landscape of “cancel culture” has been a battleground of public opinion and cultural norms, with cases ranging from comedians to authors, sparking debates about freedom of speech, accountability, and the power dynamics of social media. The term itself is amorphous, evolving into a catchall for a range of public shaming and accountability practices that span across political and social spectrums. It’s not confined to a single ideology but represents a broader societal shift in how we enforce norms and express collective outrage or support.

In recent times, there have been notable instances where individuals seemingly affected by cancel culture have not only rebounded but thrived, challenging the narrative that cancel culture is an unstoppable career-ender. For example, Jon Stewart’s commentary on political figures has continued to find a receptive audience, demonstrating that critical engagement with political figures can resonate widely. Shane Gillis, despite a controversial departure from SNL, secured deals with major brands and platforms, indicating that public controversy does not preclude future success. J.K. Rowling’s continued literary and commercial success, despite significant social media backlash, underscores that the impact of cancel culture can be complex and varied.

These cases suggest a dynamic where the market and public opinion can sometimes diverge from the intense moments of online backlash. While social media amplifies voices and can create swift campaigns against individuals or their work, the long-term effects are more nuanced, with several factors including the individual’s response, public sentiment, and the evolving nature of social norms playing critical roles.

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