Transformers’ Bumblebee Gets The Bishoujo Treatment

Photo Credit: Kotobukiya

So, Kotobukiya turned my favorite transformer into a Bishoujo. The short, heroic Autobod is now a beautiful lady … in short shorts. No! Bad thoughts!

BumbleBishoujo is about 8.5″ tall and made from PVC. Yeah, I was going to make a joke about her being primarily plastic, like a Twitch streamer. However, this bishoujo isn’t as busty as other statues Kotobukiya has produced. Her “spare tire” is bigger than her bust.

If you want to pick up this statue, head to Big Bad Toy Store. She can be pre-ordered for $149.99, with an expected shipping date of October 2023.

Photo Credit: Kotobukiya

Photo Credit: Kotobukiya
Photo Credit: Kotobukiya
Photo Credit: Kotobukiya
Photo Credit: Kotobukiya
Photo Credit: Kotobukiya

“Bumblebee’s robot mode color scheme is recreated through the yellow hoodie with horns and the inner light blue outfit and belt! A perfect outfit for the cute and petite Bumblebee. Be sure also to check out the designs of the hems of the arm covers and shorts that were integrated into the mold for the body!

OK, so when can we get a rough, middle-aged bishoujo Kup? Or Unicron with a dump truck backside? Or Quintesson with multiple personality disorder like my ex. If Perceptor got the pretty lady treatment, what would become of his ocular tube? OK, OK. I know who should be next: Wheelie. Who doesn’t want a sexy Wheelie? “Wheelie say, join my OnlyFans today!”

Transformers isn’t the only franchise that could benefit from a bit of sex appeal. Bishoujo Toxie Crusaders. Bishoujo Herman Munster. Bishoujo Captain Kirk. Bishoujo Norm from Cheers. Bishoujo Dr. Mario. The possibilities are endless!

The ultimate statue in this line would be Bishoujo Pac-Man. It would just be a big yellow ball with toned legs and arms holding a tempting cherry. Make this happen, Kotobukiya!

[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]
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