Toca Life Vacation #1 – PINEAPPLE BABY MAN | Fun Kids iOS App Toys Gameplay

Bad babies and PPAP… Pen Pinapple Apple Playing?! Let’s play TOCA LIFE VACATION with PinkyBoo! In this version of the popular kids iPad app (which we’re playing on a Windows PC) PinkyBoo shows us how to play Toca Life Vacation and introduces us to her friend the Pineapple Man. But be careful not to eat other Pineapple Men — that’s just wrong! We also learn about poop in this game. There’s a lot of poop in Toca Boca games isn’t there? We role play a wedding on the beach and talk about how the Pineapple boy and girl met and adopted a Pineapple Baby who grew up to be Pineapple Man!

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