To Cut Costs, Google Asks Employees To Share Deskspace

The dystopian tech nightmare workplace is here!

Google, one of the biggest tech companies in the world, is now asking employees to share deskspace in an effort to cut costs.

According to an internal memo received by CNBC, the efficiency strategy only affects employees and partners working at Google Cloud’s Kirkland, Washington, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, and Sunnyvale (CA) locations. The way it sounds, the plan is to have the work areas alternate between employees rather than having two people sit at the same place every day.

CNBC did not link to or reveal the entire memo. So, we cannot comment on the document itself, only on what the news organization has chosen to show. The cost-cutting move is allegedly called Cloud Office Evolution. Considering the company recently cut around 12K jobs, I suspect workers are getting concerned, especially since Google Cloud workers account for over one-quarter of the company’s full-time employees.

This new desk-share system would work best if Googlers paired through a “matching process” were to come in on alternating days. An unnamed Google spokesperson elaborated on the new office dynamic, stating, “we’ve developed our new rotational model, combining the best of pre-pandemic collaboration with the flexibility and focus we’ve all come to appreciate from remote work, while also allowing us to use our spaces more efficiently.

However, we all know about the best laid plans of mice and Google. Alphabet hasn’t exactly been on a winning streak this past decade. Stadia failed. YouTube’s nebulous rules and changes made channels of all sizes suffer.

Although, watching tech employees trying to work while constantly bumping into one another and annoying each other would be amusing. The entire fiasco reminds me of the desk scene in Terry Gilliam’s Brazil.

Who doesn’t want to work in a dystopian workplace where you feel like an ant rather than an established and valued team member?

[Source: CNBC]
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