This Metal Slug Statue Is Ready To Liberate Some POWs!

Beast Kingdom

General Donald Morden is dead set on sending hundreds and hundreds of soldiers to their doom as you pilot the Metal Slug. So now you can capture the iconic gameplay moments of the classic NeoGeo title in statue form.
Big Bad Toy Store currently has this statue from Beast Kingdom up for pre-order. The stubby tank and base stand at roughly 16cm tall. Unlike a lot of other collectibles we cover here, this one won’t break the bank. The Slug is priced at $39.99 and will be out during the fourth quarter of 2022.
Who’s driving the Metal Slug? Marco? Tarma? Fio? Eri? It’s up to you. This statue can handle any of your weird video game fantasies. Personally, I like to think that one of the various bearded POWs you save throughout the series finally took charge and is throwing shells at the enemy.

Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom

Recreated in 360-degree glory, the SV-001/II Metal Slug is seen in the midst of climbing a seriously unsteady looking wooden bridge and firing its famous canon! The diorama showcases detailed touches such as canon smoke, battle damage and streaking missiles! The D-Stage SV-001/II Metal Slug is one of SNK’s signature battle tanks, a cute but deadly machine that deserves its spot on a desk near you.

Metal Slug has been an ongoing series from NeoGeo for decades. I remember seeing the original game on a multi-cart machine in a Walmart. It was such a unique run-and-gun game, and that’s not an easy task considering arcades were usually filled with these types of games from Capcom, Konami, and Midway. However, the art style and humor set the game apart from the plethora of “run right and shoot everything” games.
Since the first title launched in 1996, several sequels and variations have appeared in arcades and consoles. But, for whatever reason, it took decades before we started getting action figures, too.
[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]

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