Teen Romance Manga ‘A Condition Called Love’ Is Becoming An Anime

‘Hananoi-kun and Love Disease’ is a teen romance manga written and illustrated by Megumi Morino known as ‘A Condition Called Live’ in international markets. Published by Kodansha since 2017, it won the Kodansha Manga Award in 2021 for best “shojo” and was voted as the tenth best manga by Japanese bookstores in 2018. With this popularity, it was announced on the manga’s official website that it would be adapted into an anime.

“From the creator of acclaimed drama manga Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty, Megumi Morino’s A Condition Called Love officially prescribed its TV anime adaptation today. A teaser visual was released as our first dose of this cute rom-com series, which is set to debut sometime in 2024,” Crunchyroll said on their website.

Morina expressed her excitement. In a statement translated by Anime Corner she said, “A Condition Called Love will be adapted into an anime. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the people who are currently involved in the work and to all the readers who have read and supported the original work. I would like to look forward to seeing Hananoi-kun and others moving and talking and falling in love with everyone.”

She released a commemorative image to celebrate:

You can check out the visual promo on the official Twitter:

AniList described the synopsis as follows,

“Hotaru is a 16-year-old high school first-year who has always been ambivalent about love, preferring instead to have a lively life with her family and friends. So when she sees her schoolmate, Hananoi-kun, sitting in the snow after a messy, public breakup, she thinks nothing of offering to share her umbrella. But when he asks her out in the middle of her classroom the next day, she can’t help but feel that her life is about to change in a big way…”

Kodansha also publishes the manga in the United States. In 2020, it was a digital exclusive, but they began to release the print version in 2023.

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