Sentai Announces December 2022 Release Slate

Sentai Filmworks announced that they are releasing seven anime films and TV shows for home video and streaming. Fans will be able to access musicals, action flicks, rom-coms, and historical fiction are all heading to audiences in December 2022.

They announced the list on their website:


SYNOPSIS: As the last surviving member of her clan, Mirai Kuriyama was born with the ability to control her blood and wield it as a weapon, a power so terrifying she’s been cursed and cast out for the rest of her days. Akihito Kanbara’s blood is only half human, and while the healing abilities of the monstrous half of his lineage let him recover from any wound, it also dooms him to eternal life alone. Perhaps it’s more than just chance that has brought them together, for there are few bonds in creation as enduring as those written in blood. Now, in a world where the creatures of legend are real and nightmarish monsters tread the earth, they will seek out their destiny together in the complete collection of BEYOND THE BOUNDARY!

Language: English & Japanese with English Subtitles


SYNOPSIS: A funny thing happened when Chiyo Sakura worked up the courage to confess her feelings to her high school crush: he thought she was applying for a job as his art assistant! Because, unbeknownst to Chiyo, Nozaki secretly creates manga under a feminine pen name, and he’s badly in need of help! This is certainly not what Chiyo had hoped would happen but, since it’s at least a chance to get to know him better, she accepts. And then everything goes sideways when her new boss realizes that he can use his “really a girl” assistant to “research” how girls think and what they find romantic! Can an increasingly frustrated Chiyo pretend to be professional while a clueless Nozaki has all her buttons pushed in the right way for the wrong reasons? It happens when producing the MONTHLY GIRLS’ NOZAKI-KUN!

Language: English & Japanese with English Subtitles


SYNOPSIS: Relationships are living things: if they’re not constantly nurtured, they can wither, die, or even worse. Haruto Soma, Mio Natsume, and Hazuki Morikawa are in their final semester at Kashiogawa High, and while there are some simmering undercurrents in how they feel about each other, the main focus in their lives is to keep studying until they get their diplomas. But into this perfectly reasonable plan falls a monkey wrench named Eita Izumi, who was their classmate and friend until his family moved away four years ago. Now Eita is suddenly back and fitting him into the current dynamic is going to be awkward. Because people and friendships can change, and when they do, there’s always the chance that someone will be hurt. Not because of malice or deliberate intent, just because that’s the way life can be. JUST BECAUSE.

Language: English & Japanese with English Subtitles


SYNOPSIS: Kamitsumihara is a beautiful but mysterious place, a land where traces of ancient magic still exist and a drama two millennium old has yet to play through to its final chapter. For all this time, the Kamiazuma clan have acted as protectors, a fact that Toka Kamiazuma, whose body holds the stone sword Sekiken, has inherited as his duty. But when an unusual girl named Momoka Kawakabe enters his life unexpectedly, Toka begins to discover that they are connected by more than just physical attraction. How are their destinies linked and why? As the strands of fate and bindings to legend pull them ever closer, they will have just a short time to discover their own secrets and undo the ancient tragedy that forever changed their world in TOKA GETTAN: THE MOONLIGHT LADY RETURNS!

Language: Japanese with English Subtitles


SYNOPSIS: The war against the Empire was brutal, and in the final barbaric act, the slain Emperor’s body was cut apart, with the Heroes who slew him each taking home a grisly trophy. Yet while the heroes returned in glory, many of those who fought beneath them were left to fend for themselves in a world that no longer needed their skills. So, when former saboteurs Toru and Akari encounter a strange young girl carrying a giant coffin, they soon find themselves joining her odd mission: to retrieve all of the pieces of the Emperor’s body. But why is she collecting them and who is this girl? The dead Emperor’s daughter, perhaps? Or, as other girls also carrying coffins are spotted across the lands, could she be a vanguard of something far more sinister in the complete collection of CHAIKA – THE COFFIN PRINCESS!

Language: English & Japanese with English Subtitles


SYNOPSIS: It’s not easy being an orphaned refugee, especially when you’re not on the planet where you were born, but Carole Stanley still has big ambitions. However, while she dreams of forging a career in music, something isn’t quite right yet. There’s a spark that’s missing. Tuesday Simmons has lived a life of comfort, so no one expects it when the shy young woman suddenly runs off to another city, taking little more than her beloved guitar and a need to perform with her. When they meet, Tuesday’s spark ignites Carole’s fire, and their musical ambitions begin burning anew. Achieving their dreams will be hard in a world where music is created by AIs, but if they don’t give up, soon all the worlds will know the names CAROLE AND TUESDAY!

Language: English & Japanese with English Subtitles


SYNOPSIS: Nishikata has become a very confused middle school student. That bothersome girl Takagi has been teasing and pulling tricks on him for what seems like forever now! Nishikata’s initial response of fighting fire with fire by taunting and pranking her back hasn’t been working so well. In fact, it’s been working horribly, because she almost always seems to outthink him. And the really disturbing part? He seems to be getting used to it! No, it’s worse than that! He seems to be getting used to HER! Like she’s worming her sneaky way into his brain! And is he… gasp… starting to care about her sometimes? Is that what their classmates think? Is that what SHE thinks? Exactly what is going on in her mysterious and calculating mind in TEASING MASTER TAKAGI-SAN Season 3?

Language: English & Japanese with English Subtitles

What titles are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.

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