PETA Gets P*SSED OFF Over Carousel Horses?!

Add carousel horses to the list of many things that PETA is faux outraged over. You heard us correctly… carousel horses. Because horses have feelings too.

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Additional Context:
In a move that seems ripped straight from the pages of “You Can’t Make This Up,” PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has trotted out its latest cause for concern: carousel horses. Yes, you read that correctly. The organization, notorious for its headline-grabbing stances on animal rights, is now taking a stand against the inanimate equines that have delighted children and adults alike for generations.

PETA’s beef with these merry-go-round mounts? It’s all about the message they convey. According to the animal rights group, carousels featuring animal figures, particularly horses, unwittingly glorify the exploitation of sentient beings. This perspective was shared by the Dutch arm of PETA, which backed its U.S. counterpart’s call to action against such fairground attractions, suggesting that these seemingly innocent rides may inadvertently celebrate the domination of conscious creatures​​.

The focus of PETA’s carousel critique is Chance Rides, a Kansas-based amusement ride manufacturer recognized as the largest in the United States. The organization has urged the company to cease the production and sale of animal-themed carousels, arguing that these attractions symbolize the exploitation of sentient beings. This push is part of PETA’s broader mission to protect not only living animals but also to challenge the societal norms and practices that, in their view, demean or degrade animal life, regardless of whether the animals in question are real or fabricated​​.

While it might be tempting to dismiss PETA’s latest campaign as tilting at windmills—or in this case, carousels—the organization’s actions underscore its commitment to advocating for animal rights in all forms, even when it comes to the synthetic and stationary. As PETA sets its sights on these traditional amusement rides, the debate it sparks may encourage a broader conversation on how animals, real or otherwise, are represented and revered in our culture.

Whether this carousel controversy will lead to any real change in the design and operation of merry-go-rounds remains to be seen. However, one thing is clear: PETA’s knack for generating discussion on animal rights issues, no matter how unconventional, continues to spin as reliably as the carousels it now critiques.

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