New Valaverse Action Force Series 3 Figures Coming Soon!

Image Credit: Valaverse

Valverse has something for the ladies as more of Action Force Series 3 arrives! The 1:12 scale action figure line introduces several new upgrades and gear packs, many female-specific. You can soon deck out your favorite warrior woman with new tactical gear and guns!

The weapon upgrade packs look to come with some new additions, including bigger effects parts (for your 50cal) and sidearms with locked slides. Since the G.I. Joe Classified Series rarely gives us these sorts of options, I will scoop up a few to finish my diorama.

Series 3 also features three female figures, including Gemini, a Desert Trooper, and a Riot Trooper. The last two are bare bones as far as gear is concerned, which makes them great for customization. They’re only $21.99, while Gemini is $31.99.

If you’ve been collecting the series previously, then you’ll probably want to scoop up the three character-specific upgrade kits for Eclipse, Kill-Switch, and Pandora. One in every three Pnadora upgrade gear packs comes with a variant bloody portrait.

The various weapons packs and upgrades are $12.99 each. Check out our review of multiple accessories and Action Force figures here. It’s incredible how many options this toy line gives you. Best of all, the parts and pieces can be used with the 6″ tall G.I. Joe Classified figures.

Action Force Series 3 Figures Announced
Image Credit: Valaverse

Weapons Pack Golf comes with a belt-fed M16 Vulcan and a spent casing ejection effects piece. This one is going to be in my collection as soon as it is available!

Image Credit: Valaverse

In other Valaverse news, check out the upcoming figures for Legend of the White Dragon, featuring the late Jason David Frank.

For more about Action Force and Valaverse, check out our interview with the company’s founder, Bobby Vala!

What do you think of Action Force? Let us know below!

[Source: Valaverse Official Website]
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