MotU Origins Snake Mountain Playset Coming This Summer!

Photo Credit: Mattel

The Masters of the Univers Origins line may be heading to the toy graveyard, but it’s going out swinging. At the end of all things, we’re finally getting an Origins version of Snake Mountain!

We spotted it for pre-order over at Entertainment Earth. The release date is listed as August.

Sadly, Snake Mountain isn’t inexpensive. Like Castle Grayskull, Skeletor’s lair is $79.99. However, if you’ve been lucky enough to find the Grayskull playset, you’ll know it is a quality item that improves many of the play features of the original toy. The new version of Snake Mountain looks to do the same, except it removes a key component.

The voice changer is gone. Rather than using the wolf head as a mic, all it does is spin in place, according to Mattel. Other differences include vines in front of the escape tunnel and a recreation of Skeletor’s throne from the Filmation series.

A welcome upgrade includes a change to how Skeletor can capture He-Man. The trapdoor gimmick is still there, but the prey is now caught in a cell instead of a net.

MotU Origins Snake Mountain
Photo Credit: Mattel
MotU Origins Snake Mountain
Photo Credit: Mattel
MotU Origins Snake Mountain
Photo Credit: Mattel
MotU Origins Snake Mountain
Photo Credit: Mattel

Here’s the list of features:

  • In front, the Wolf head spins and the gate opens. The snake on top can pick up a 5.5-inch scale Origins figure in its mouth or knock it off the upper platform. Origins figures sold separately, subject to availability.
  • As a figure moves up the stairs and through the upper gate — BAM! It will drop through the trapdoor into the cage. The cage can move to the dungeon underneath the throne of Skeletor™ for safekeeping.
  • To get to throne, figures must pass by the wolf head and the intimidating spider. To get out, they must watch out for the ‘acid pool’ on the way to the hidden escape tunnel.

If you’re looking for a MEGA version of Snake Mountain, check out the $320.99 MEGA Block set released last year.

[Source: Entertainment Earth]
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