Mondo To Release a 12″ Masters of the Universe ScareGlow Figure!

Scareglow was possibly the last significant figure from the original Masters of the Universe toyline. He-Man was sputtering out of popularity, but Scareglow brought me back into the world of Eternia for one last allowance purchase.
Mondo is taking Scareglow’s classic look and introducing him into the 12″ line of MotU figures. From the glow-in-the-dark feature to the ax and down to the fabulous purple cape, he looks just like he lept off the shelf at Toys R Us.
Scareglow comes with some of his retro accessories and one that came about during the Matty Collector Classics line. That particular item is the Greyskull Reliquary and key to Castle Greyskull. So yes, there are other ways into the Castle other than the jawbridge.
No sooner was Scareglow announced than his pre-orders were sold out. These Mondo MotU figures go fast. Luckily they usually get a refresh later on. So, keep an eye out and keep a spare $220 handy. This guy will ship sometime during the Spring of 2022.


Cursed in life, frightening in death, and glowing in the darkness! Featuring over 30 points of articulation, removable/poseable fabric cape, a glow in the dark, Scythe of Doom, and more, Scareglow is the most terrifying figure this side of the 5 dimensions!

We’re eagerly awaiting the official announcement of Mondo’s other MotU figure: She-Ra. She will no doubt be highly sought after. We know a certain redhead who will be scooping one up, especially if She-Ra comes with brushable hair.
What are your thoughts on Mondo’s premium He-Man figures? Are they worth the dough? Do you own any? Let us know your views and opinions in the comments section.
[Source: Mondo]

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