Mondo Announces A Designer Godzilla Figure By James Groman

Godzilla - Vinyl Designer Figure by James Groman
Photo Credit: Mondo

Monda has announced it is taking pre-orders for a designer-made Godzilla vinyl figure. The squat and angry-looking King of the Monsters was designed, sculpted, and painted by James Groman.

The specialty Godzilla is limited to only 750 pieces and is priced at $250 each. The figure has limited articulation but does come with swappable parts.

This Godzilla, while not explicitly stated, looks to be based on the final showdown in 1995’s Godzilla vs Destoroyah. Godzilla melts down during the battle, losing all of his tissue and muscle before dying.

Check out his Instagram account for more of James Groman’s designs, including Batman, Man-Thing, and Madballs.

One of our favorite toy designers (and artists, period), James Groman’s first Mondo figure was the mind-boggling Marvel’s Man-Thing. We’re excited to show off his next extremely detailed creation: the Godzilla – Vinyl Designer Figure. Strictly limited to an edition of 750, this massive soft vinyl figure measures in at 12″ tall and 21″ wide. With a fully swappable battle damage head, arm, and tail, this Big G features multiple incredible looks for display.

The 12″ tall, 21″ wide Godzilla comes with the following:

  • Swappable battle damage head
  • Swappable battle damage arm
  • Swappable battle damage tail

Mondo has a pretty extensive collection of Godzilla merchandise, including vinyl albums and several statues based on the classic Toho movies. Hell, they’ve even got a ‘Zilla from the ’70s cartoon series!

The merchandise isn’t limited to just the King of the Monsters. Mothra, Hedorah, Biollante, Jet Jaguar, and North Korea’s Pulgasauri are also present.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a vast increase in the number of Godzilla-related collectibles. Which ones are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Mondo]
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