Mod In The Works To Add Multiplayer To ‘Hogwarts Legacy’

While I’m really enjoying Hogwarts Legacy, as other Clownfish TV staff have, I wish I could raid poacher camps with my friends via multiplayer. Thankfully, modders have developed a tool that will allow wizards and witches to come together on the game’s PC version.

The Together Team’s previous project was Skyrim Together, which added the much-desired multiplayer feature to the massive open-world RPG. As expected, making a game designed strictly single-player into something compatible with two simultaneous players is challenging. However, the mod puts considerable strain on the software and hardware running the game, and The Together Team does a great job of documenting their process on their YouTube channel.

As seen in the Test Build video below for the mod called HogWarp, it is possible to have two players inside Hogwarts Castle simultaneously, but there are some noticeable issues. Since this is an early build of the mod, these problems are to be expected. NPCs don’t appear in the same locations for both players, but this won’t affect gameplay unless it’s a mission-related NPC.

Both players have some stuttering and slowdown, which could be due to the hardware used on the two different PCs. As of yesterday, the team has managed to get HogWarp to allow ten players on the same map simultaneously. This isn’t limited to the confines of the school, as the video goes on to show multiple live players running around in the air outside.

We’ve yet to see anything showing off how well combat works or if players can sync when inside of an instance. I’m sure those will be showing up soon. However, you’ll need to pay if you want to try the mod out for yourself. Access to HogWarp requires joining either the $10.50 or $21/month tier memberships on Yamashi’s Patreon.

[Source: PC Gamer] [Source: The Together Team]
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