Mattel’s Jurassic Park Gates Playset Needs You To Crowdfund It

Jurassic World The Gates Crowdfund
Photo Credit: Mattel Creations

It’s hard to believe that Jurassic Park as a brand is still kicking thirty years later. JP toys have been a mainstay at Target for a while now, taking up residence next to Transformers. Unlike Star Wars merchandise, Jurassic Park never seems to lose shelf space. However, is love for the brand strong enough to fuel a crowdfunding campaign aimed at fans of the original film?

Mattel Creations seems to think so. Recently, the toy company launched a new backer-driven set of Jurassic Park toys featuring the movie’s iconic giant gates.

Jurassic World The Gates Crowdfund
Photo Credit: Mattel Creations

Confusingly, Mattel Creations calls this thing Jurassic World The Gates, even though this set is based on the iconic entrance from 1993’s Jurassic Park. Still trying to keep that laughable new trilogy alive, Universal?

The gates are motorized, and feature LED flames and Ford Explorer #5. Does the SUV look familiar? It should be because something similar was already released not too long ago, complete with a collapsing sunroof.

It looks like this version of the Ford Explorer sports more refined detail than the model we saw in stores. I’m unsure if it helps make that $250 pill go down easier, though.

Here is what is included if the first funding goal is met:

  • Gates: H 20.7 inches x W 22.8 inches x D 12.1 inches
  • Gates require 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Two enclosure fences: H 9.0 inches x W 14.8 inches each
  • Authentically scaled to all Hammond Collection figures
  • Accurately sculpted down to each crack and crevice
  • Motorized door gates with manual override to display the gates in any position
  • Flickering torch lights guide the way into the park
  • Gates also play the original movie theme music and ambient jungle sounds
  • Comes with Ford Explorer #5 (the one that was left unscathed)
  • Explorer made for 3.75-inch scale figures; H 4.3 inches x W 4.4 inches x L 10.5 inches
  • Action-figure scale Explorer features rubber tires and enhanced design details
  • Includes film-accurate hang tags, navigation screen, and antennas

The Jurassic Park Gates have 22 days to inspire 3,798 more backers at $250 a pop. That’s only for the first tier. There are three stretch goals, with the last one topping out at 10k pledges.

Unfortunately, only the first stretch goal (Unlock 2) is worth the effort. If 6k people back the Jurassic Park Gates campaign, Mattel will produce a Tim figure with two enclosure fences that plug into the main gate. How badly do you want to recreate Tim’s electrocution?

The oddest tier is at 8k backers. Mattel will throw in Buck, the t-rex from The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Why? Because the original movie’s iconic dinosaur is already on shelves.

Where’s Lex? Oh, she’s locked behind the final tier, as is the doomed goat (with a removable bloody led). Yay?

Jurassic World The Gates Crowdfund
Photo Credit: Mattel Creations

The previous Mattel Creations campaign we covered, the WCW Monday Nitro Entrance Stage, failed. It only reached 78%. I’m surprised it got that far, considering it was a $400 playset with LED lighting. Yes, it was as expensive as Hasbro’s Proton Pack.

While the Jurassic Park Gates are a bit more iconic to a broader audience than WCW, the $250 price tag is a bit of an “oof.”

[Source: Mattel Creations]
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