Marvel Comics Reveals Identity Of New Iron Fist

Danny Rand is once again taking a break from being the Martial Arts hero known as Iron Fist, but not to pose as Daredevil. The Agent of ATLAS known as Lin Lie, originally introduced as Sword Master, will be taking on the role of the immortal guardian of K’un-Lun in a new series by Alyssa Wong.
“Danny Rand chooses to give up his Iron Fist powers to save the world. In doing so, he opens the door for a new Iron Fist to take up the mantle. We’d been discussing who would be a fun new Iron Fist, and Sword Master’s name came up. Mark and Tom asked me to come up with a pitch, and the rest is history,” Wong says on the official Marvel website.
“I came up with a bunch of ideas and we workshopped the story from there,” she explained. “The most important thing on my mind was that I knew we had to shatter Lin Lie’s sword for him to start his journey as Iron Fist. Lin Lie losing his identity and dealing with grief while struggling to fit into the role of Iron Fist was a big impetus for this story.”
Rand retired from the role of the Defender at the end of ‘Iron Fist: Heart Of The Dragon,’ a six-part series from Larry Hama released in 2021.
“There are always challenges that come with introducing a new person taking on a classic mantle. People bring a lot of preconceptions and expectations to the table, and they don’t always like change. I knew that Lin Lie couldn’t just replace Danny. It wouldn’t make sense; they’re entirely different people, with entirely different backgrounds, baggage, and motivations. (Also, it would make for a really boring story.) In order for this to work, Lin Lie had to become an entirely new kind of Iron Fist,” Wond added.
Iron First was created by comic book writer Roy Thomas and artist Gil Kane. He made his first appearance in 1974 via the pages of ‘Marvel Premiere’ #15. Lin Lie was created by artist Gunji and writer Shuizhu for the series ‘Warriors of Three Sovereigns’ in May 2018.

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