Make Peace Happen At Any Cost With Peacemaker’s Tomahawk Replica

Peace at all costs! No matter what! I love how narrow-minded Peacekeeper is. The philosophy may be totally nuts, but he sure makes that quest fun to watch.

Want in on that action? Then pick up Factory Entertainment’s 1:1 replica of Peacekeeper’s Tomahawk! But don’t put it to use. Or, at least, don’t tell them that I said it was a good idea to seek out permanent peace with such a tool.

The replica of Peacemaker’s Tomahawk was made using assets from Warner Bros., one of which was a digital 3D file. If you’re into 3D printing like I am, having these tools is a godsend when crafting props.

Although the Tomahawk isn’t a super iconic weapon, even in the DC Universe, it’s an excellent-looking piece. The price, however, isn’t bringing me peace of mind.

The 16″ long metal prop is $299.99. Not even the replica of Blade’s glaive was that much. Oof.

If you do throw down that much cash, you’ll also get a plaque that will hold the Tomahawk and can be mounted on a wall. It also comes with a certificate of authenticity. I don’t think you’ll be seeing knock-offs of Peacekeeper’s weapon showing up in flea markets any time soon. So, a piece of paper saying it’s licensed isn’t exactly a selling point.

The last DCEU collectible we covered was Factory Entertainment’s non-wearable Black Manta helmet from Aquaman. Pick that up if you have a spare $999.99.

Photo Credit: Factory Entertainment
Photo Credit: Factory Entertainment

This replica Peacemaker Tomahawk is based on the screen-used prop as featured in the Warner Bros. / DC film, Suicide Squad (2021). Our team was provided with various exclusive assets, including detailed photos and 3D-digital sculpts directly from the studio in order to replicate exactly what’s seen on screen.

Peacemaker was a pretty enjoyable show. It did have a few annoying “modern audience” moments, but John Cena pulled off playing the narrowminded “hero” quite well.

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