KOTOR Remake Trailer Made Private and Possibly Cancelled

The remake of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic has been highly anticipated by many fans. The game was originally being worked on by Aspyr Media following their work porting over multiple Star Wars games. Unfortunately, after the announcement trailer appeared on PlayStation’s State of Play, the project fell into trouble. Multiple people left Aspyr Media and it was said the project was confirmed to have been moved over to Saber Interactive. But now a small change has a lot of people worried about the state of the KOTOR remake. Many Star Wars fans have a bad feeling about this.

 As reported by multiple outlets, the official trailer for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic remake was made private on the official PlayStation YouTube channel. This comes after multiple people online started to notice that they couldn’t view the trailer on the channel. Luckily, the official article posted on the PlayStation blog about KOTOR Remake is still live, but you can notice that the trailer for the game is greyed out and says it was made private.

At the same time, tweets made about the KOTOR Remake from the official PlayStation Twitter account were removed as well. This caused people to start asking many questions and get worried about the possibility of the game being officially canceled. While there’s been no official announcement or statement about the status of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake, reports as early as last year from an Embracer Group conference call hinted that the game was still in development. That could have changed because Embracer Group is undergoing a restructuring with many of the studios it owns. With it, some studios are laying off multiple employees and shutting down studios in some cases.

For many, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is one of the best Star Wars games ever made. Set over 4,000 years before the events of the movies, the game and its sequel told a story about the Old Republic and the war between the Jedi and Sith. The announcement of the KOTOR Remake was very positive among Star Wars fans and those who love role-playing games. The announcement trailer didn’t show much of the game but was enough for fans to get incredibly excited to know the game was in development.

Since everyone began noticing the trailer being made private, no statement has come from Embracer Group or Saber Interactive about it. PlayStation has also not commented on the matter as well. On the surface, things aren’t looking too good for Star Wars fans who wanted to see this KOTOR Remake become a reality. While there are those holding on to some shred of hope about it, everyone may have to prepare for the worst news to come soon.

Do you think that Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake was canceled? If not, why do you feel PlayStation made the trailer private? Should another studio pick up development for the game? Tell us your thoughts about everything down below in the comments!

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