Kevin Smith LIED?! Masters of the Universe: Revelation Review Embargo LIFTED!

The review embargo is lifted on Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation, and Kevin Smith may regret debunking the rumors that this is The Teela Show… as even IGN is flat out saying it’s all about Teela, and that Prince Adam / He-Man is just a background character.

And it gets WORSE. Grace Randolph says that there are NO strong male leads in this series, and that it’s heavily implied that Teela and Andra are a couple.

Thanks for the MONTHS of crap we’ve had to put up with, Kevin Smith. Here’s to you, pal.

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1 comment

  • Re: Kevin Smith and the MoTU debacle

    I, as with a lot of people out there, have been a die-hard fan of the original MoTU TV show since I was a youngster. I was anxiously awaiting the new series until the tragedy started to unfold. One of the reasons I was initially worried about Mr. Smith getting behind the reins of this IP, is that I’ve listened to many episodes of his podcast and I’ve noticed a trend when it comes to their brainstorming on what kinds of stories he / they think are “cool” or “metal”. On his show, they constantly speak about how they would think it would be awesome to come up with some kind of outlandish crossover, or to push some kind of boundary within an established world, and shake things up. They want to see these odd storylines, which to a fan of the source material, seems absurd or unnecessary. He seems more interested in coming up with “fresh” ideas, rather than being faithful to something that is already there and simply telling stories that current fans might like. Part of my theory on why this might be his go-to thought process, is that long time comic books readers often see bizarre crossovers, or way out there storylines that only tie in with the established stories or characters in loose ways. Comic books often kill off main characters, have other people step in and take up the mantle and become the new hero for a time, or just have odd crossovers etc. I wonder if this leads people like Mr. Smith to feel that it’s normal to want to push boundaries, or frown down upon people that enjoy their beloved characters, and how they have been portrayed thus far. Mr. Smith appears to view characters as toys in his toy box, and he’ll do whatever his imagination comes up with, because it’ll be great. Combine this attitude with the extreme woke-ness that Hollywood and other entertainment industries are pushing out to the public, and it makes for an explosive outcome. I’d be curious for someone to ask Mr. Smith if he has any criticisms or negative feelings whatsoever about the depiction of Dead Pool in The Wolverine movie. If he has a single negative thought or feeling about that characters big screen adaptation, then he should understand why what he and Netflix have done is a travesty and not to be tolerated. I doubt we’ll ever know how much of the current iteration of the Netflix MoTU concept was his, or how much was at the behest of Netflix. If he had other, more faithful visions of his script and Netflix shot him down, he should have backed out and made a public announcement that he tried to give the fans what we wanted, and was unable to due to the demands of the service provider and their woke requirements.

    All in all, this ha turned out to be yet another disgusting example of the state of our entertainment industry, and with all this type of nonsense, I am no longer entertained. It’s time that we all vote with our dollars, and walk away from companies that demand that new creations meet specific criteria to make sure that everyone is included, lest they feel slighted and left out and potentially affect the bottom line of their quarterly report. You at Clownfish were dragged through the mud, when you saw the writing on the wall far sooner than others and chose to disclose it to the masses. You should be applauded in what you’ve done, and the attention you’ve brought to yet another situation of this kind. There is far more that I can say about this subject, and how insane the world has gotten about turning our entertainment into a social agenda.

    Keep up the good work.

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