Hollywood Killshot?! New Program Makes Entire TV Episodes from Prompts!

Hollywood as we’ve known it is OVER. A new startup has unveiled Showrunner, which can generate entire episodes of a TV show to order for each viewer. Yes, we’re getting closer and closer to the Holodeck from Star Trek. This will make “linear” and “prerecorded” content look absolutely antiquated in a few decades. The animation industry, in particular, is going to get hit really hard by this, as evidenced by an entirely AI-generated episode of South Park.

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00:00 AI technology creates TV shows and movies from user prompts, reducing the need for Hollywood workers and becoming a standard part of computing.

01:52 Hollywood is changing as AI technology is being adopted, leading to potential displacement of workers and a shift in the entertainment industry.

03:16 New program Fable uses AI to create TV episodes from prompts, potentially indistinguishable from human-created content, and may allow studios to license out their characters for user-generated content.

05:34 Hollywood faces uncertainty as workers struggle with unemployment, while a program to replace actors with deep fake versions of famous people is in development but lacks funding.

07:01 Hollywood’s worst nightmare: a new AI program allows users to create their own TV show episodes, potentially speeding up animation and giving viewers control over content.

08:13 AI creates TV episodes, users control dialogue/characters/shot types, sparking controversy over potential to replace creators and shift control over content.

10:10 Users can now create entire TV episodes from prompts using AI tools and join a waitlist for a free testing version of the platform.

11:24 Hollywood is changing as viewers gain control, leading to potential job loss for those in the industry.

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