Hollywood Blames Google for Hollywood Media Implosion.

The digital media that reports and supports Hollywood, gaming and entertainment is imploding, and journos are blaming Google and AI. The Daily Beast is almost DONE, and massive layoffs are occurring across many “shill” websites. Then we talk about how Nvidia is now the most valuable company, beating Microsoft and Apple… because of NFTs and AI.

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The decline of the media industry is being blamed on big corporations like Google and the impact of technology, leading to layoffs, buyouts, and job insecurity in the entertainment industry.

00:00 Google and AI are blamed for the decline of the media industry, leading to layoffs and buyouts at various outlets, while Nvidia becomes the most valuable company in the world.

04:51 Hollywood media companies are blaming Google for financial struggles, leading to layoffs and buyouts at The Daily Beast and loss of visitors for some outlets.

06:46 Media industry facing layoffs due to unethical SEO tactics and impact of technology, leading to professionals working in lower-skilled jobs.

08:35 Hollywood is struggling as technology replaces traditional jobs, leading to job insecurity in the entertainment industry.

10:25 The collapse of the media industry is blamed on big corporations like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo, with no government oversight and a lack of education programs.

12:26 Google’s AI search is replacing traditional media, leading to concerns about the future of news and the rise of deep fake technology, while entertainment media journalists are deemed untrustworthy.

15:09 Hollywood media blames Google for its crisis as Nvidia becomes the world’s most valuable company due to the surge in demand for AI accelerators and concerns about data privacy.

18:17 Journalists should update their skills and consider alternative careers outside of journalism due to the media industry’s uncertain future.

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