HiDive To Stream ‘Tokyo Mew Mew New’ Anime

‘Tokyo Mew Mew’ is a science fiction “magical girl” manga written by Reiko Yoshida and illustrated by Mia Ikumi. It was published by Kodansha from 2000 to 2003. A previous series from production company Pierrot ran from 2002 to 2003 for a run of 52 episodes. The Japanese animation studios Yumeta Company and Graphinica developed a reboot anime that is set to be released in July 2022.

As D-Rezzed reported, Sentai Filmworks picked up the reboot for a North American release with plans to stream it to HiDive. The streaming service announced that the show will premiere on its platform on July 5, 2022, the same day as its scheduled release in Japan.

“What’s new in 2022? TOKYO MEW MEW NEW, that’s what,” HiDive said on their website.

The anime features the voice cast: Yuuki Tenma, Mirai Hinata, Ryōko Jūni, Rian Toda, and Momoka Ishii. It is directed by Takahiro Natori and written by Yuka Yamada. Yasuharu Takanashi is handling the music while Satoshi Ishino, who was the animation director for ‘Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood’ handled the character designs.

You can watch the trailer below:

AniTrendz describes the synopsis as follows, “On her first date with the cutest boy in school, Ichigo is exposed to a mysterious ray that meshes her DNA with that of the endangered Iriomote wildcat. She soon discovers that she has developed superhuman abilities and enhanced agility. Her new powers are put to the test when she leads a team with four other girls, each endowed with special abilities of their own. Together, they must now protect the Earth from an alien menace known as Deep Blue.”

The manga had two sequels that followed the original titled ‘Tokyo Mew Mew à La Mode’ and ‘Tokyo Mew Mew Olé.’ The original anime was licensed by 4Kids Entertainment which only produced dubs for the first twenty-six episodes.
Two video games have been produced including ‘Hamepane Tokyo Mew Mew’ and ‘Tokyo Mew Mew – Tōjō Shin Mew Mew! – Minna Issho ni Gohōshi Suru Nyan.’

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