HasLab’s Ghostbusters Proton Pack Passes Tier 1, Free Hoses For All!

I’ve been keeping an eye on the progress of HasLab’s Proton Pack campaign. The original goal was funded in just about a week, but that didn’t mean we would be getting everything needed for a complete unlicensed nuclear accelerator. Now, with over 9,200 backers, Class One has been unlocked, and we’re one step closer to having a full-on replica.
Why was it so important to get to this first tier? Well, the pack itself doesn’t come with a particle thrower. Nor does it come with any way to connect the thrower to the proton pack. So, basically, for the $399, you were getting the pack itself, and that’s it. So, even with the original goal met, there’d be no way to connect the two parts.
Sure, there would be plenty of ways to do this thanks to modders and the aftermarket community, but I would have personally felt cheated. So why produce the pack, make the neutrino wand separate, and then have no way to connect them officially?
Over the weekend and after the successful release of Ghostbusters: Afterlife in theatres, the first goal was exceeded by more than 200 backers. This leaves three other goals unlocked, but Hasbro has yet to announce what is included, aside from the fourth goal being a stand for the replica.
Hasbro has not acknowledged the first unlock yet, but we’ll see that this coming week before Thanksgiving, probably.

The overall connectivity between the pack and wand has not been established yet. Right now, the Spengler wand has all the sound effects from the proton pack, including the overheating noise, among others, from Ghostbusters: The Video Game.
I do not recall the proton pack’s cyclotron or blue power indicator changing during usage of the wand. So maybe the connection will turn the wand on or cause it to shut off if it overheats? I guess we’ll find out soon when Hasbro updates the page.
[Source: HasLab]
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