Halo Infinite’s Store Prices Were Too Darn High! How About Now?

Even before Halo Infinite‘s official launch date, gamers complained about the prices in the game’s shop. Armor sets, emblems, and other cosmetics carried price tags ranging from $5 to $20+. Yes, nearly twenty dollars for an armor set that may be a palette swap of something you’ve already unlocked.
Jerry Hook, 343’s Head of Design, recently came out to assure players that pricing in the shop would change. This came a bit after 343 announced an increase in the amount of experience gained per match.

As it stands right now, here is what you get when you use real money to buy credits:

Compared to previous prices in the store, there is a difference. It looks like some items have dropped by 200 to 300 points. Here is a screenshot I took this morning:
This is a welcomed change, but it came way too late. This should have been addressed within the first week of Halo Infinite‘s launch.
Once I unlocked all of the levels for the Heroes of Reach Battle Pass, I stopped playing the game. Reach is my favorite Halo title, and I had no reason to continue unlocking the standard cosmetics once I got the armor I wanted. Almost $10 for an emblem and trinket only I can really see while playing was hilariously absurd. I am certainly not the target audience for microtransactions.
If a game is going to have multiple tiers, 100 of them, for me to unlock, then the points I acquire should be based on my or my team’s performance during a match. For example, Griding for hours to unlock a piece of shoulder armor that looks slightly different than the default armor isn’t doing crap for my experience.
Locking hundreds of cosmetic items behind both “experience” and paywalls is a significant turnoff for players like me. The only way aside from playing several back-to-back matches to level up came in the form of challenges that would require players to perform a certain number of kills or earn certain badges with specific weapons. Yawn.
What do you think of the state of Halo’s cosmetics store? Let us know in the comments section below.
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