‘GTA 6’ Hacker May Have Been Caught In Oxfordshire

It’s no secret by now that Rockstar Games has been the victim of a major incident where several internal videos and possibly source code of its games have been leaked. The most notable info was a series of videos showing off Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6. Various gameplay elements, physics tests, and some spoilers were among the 90+ clips that have been circulating online since last week. It now appears a person connected to the cyber attack has been apprehended.

BBC reports that an alleged member of the hacker group Lapsus$ has been detained. A 17-year-old was taken into custody in Oxfordshire on Thursday, but at this time, very little info was known aside from the fact that the City of London police arrested a minor and the National Cyber Crime Unit aided them. The speculation about the teen’s involvement with the GTA6 leaks stems from journalist Matthew Keys on Twitter.

According to an Engadget article, the London police have been targeting Lapsus$ members, arresting seven teens allegedly associated with the group in March 2022. The extent of the damage done by this group is not yet known. It has been rumored that a group member was trying to offload the GTA 6 or GTA 5 source code. There’s a possibility that the gang may have internal documents or code relating to other Rockstar properties, including Red Dead Redemption.

If the source code leaks are true, this could be disastrous for the online aspects of current Rockstar titles and may delay the development of future games, including Grand Theft Auto VI. However, as LegacyKillaHD noted in his video, Rockstar Games has already started to update the security of existing franchises, possibly as a precaution that the code is floating out there.

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[Source: BBC] [Source: Engadget]

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