GRANDPA HAS LASER HANDS! | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 1.0 TABS New Factions!

TABS (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator) is now in version 1.0 has new units and factions and we try them out for the very first time! It’s FUNNY! One looks like a grandpa with laser hands!

From PC Games N —

“Those two new factions are Good and Evil, which will let you pit units like ‘Sacred Elephant’ and ‘Righteous Paladin’ against forces like ‘Void Cultist’ and ‘Death Bringer’. (I quickly ran a roughly even match between the factions in a preview build the devs provided, and Good triumphed over Evil, so maybe 2021 is gonna turn out alright after all.)

This update also introduces proper multiplayer to the game, letting you hop into local matches, or invite friends to online games. You can also seek out quick matches online with random players. Local multiplayer was already sort of available in the base game’s sandbox mode, but it’s now actually formalised into a proper option.”

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