Game Devs ADMIT They Hate Gamers…

AAA Gaming has seen a RECORD number of layoffs this year. And game developers are taking to reddit to say they actually hate gamers. Could these two things be related somehow? HMMM…

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Game developers need to focus on creating good games and treating their customers well instead of blaming and hating gamers.

00:00 Game developers are creating games that gamers reject, leading to a brutal takedown of modern gaming.

02:33 Game devs frustrated with gamers’ rejection of diverse characters and non-shooter games, leading to fatigue and criticism.

04:57 Game developers are changing established IPs to suit current sensibilities, leading to backlash from gamers and a lack of innovation in the industry.

06:44 Game developers are facing layoffs due to pressure to monetize games, leading to consumer rejection of content.

08:40 Game developers are facing layoffs and budget cuts as they struggle to compete with popular games, and believe that investor pressure is causing companies to take shortcuts and ultimately fail.

11:34 Game developers are struggling with long development times, politics in games, and pressure from investors for quick returns.

14:01 Game developers are advised to focus on creating independent games and comics, deal with the consequences of making deals with investors, and encourage creating independent games like Minecraft and Ultima.

16:39 Game developers need to focus on creating good games and treating their customers well instead of blaming and hating gamers.

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