‘Fabricant 100’ Announces Conclusion In Shonen Jump

The manga magazine ‘Weekly Shōnen Jump’ announced that the Gothic horror Jinzō Ningen 100, also known as ‘Fabricant 100,’ is coming to an end. The series was written and drawn by Daisuke Enoshima (Suki Kurui, Atama no nai Futari) who will pen the final chapter which will be released in a collected edition in Fall 2023.

Anime News Network said in an article, “This year’s 40th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine published the final chapter of Daisuke Enoshima’s Fabricant 100 (Jinzō Ningen 100) manga on Monday. The magazine also revealed three new manga that will launch in its upcoming issues.”

“Shueisha published the manga’s first compiled book volume in Japan on April 4, and the third volume on Monday. The manga’s fourth and its final fifth volume will release on November 2,” they added.

The series was launched as a 2021 one-shot that was published in Jump Comics by Japanese publisher Shueisha with Viz Media releasing it in the United States. It has also been released online at the Magna Plus website.

Otaku USA describes the synopsis as follows,

“There was once a doctor fixated on creating the “ideal human being.” After the doctor’s death, his fabricant creations start attacking humans in order to attain the perfect body. When Ashibi Yao’s entire family is murdered by these fabricants, he sets out on a journey of revenge accompanied by the doctor’s final creation, Fabricant 100. This dark fairy tale launches only in the pages of Shonen Jump!”

Shonen Jump also announced three new titles including the fantasy ‘Mama Yūyū’ from Yoshihiko Hayashi, the action series ‘Kagurabachi’ by Takeru Hokazono, and the ice-skating sports manga ‘Two on Ice’ by Elck Itsumo.

‘Fabricant 100’ ran from December 5, 2022, to September 4, 2023, with three collected editions having been released so far. It has been nominated at the Next Manga Awards in 2023.

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