Could AI Replace Anime Background Artists? Netflix Thinks So.

A shortage of artists in the animation industry could lead studios to seek out AI companies for a solution. But, according to PC Mag, Netflix is already taking steps toward plugging that labor hole.

The animated work in question is a Netflix Japan short called Dog & Boy. Attack on Titan’s Wit Studio employed Rinna, an AI character and scenario company, to create the backgrounds for the anime in question.

Netflix Japan admitted in a blog post that this project was an experiment. The company wanted to challenge Rinna and Wit Studio to create something with new tools available while the labor market was dry.

Upon my first viewing of the short, I could not tell that the landscape artwork was created by artificial intelligence. However, what could this mean for animators, artists, and the already low-pay / high-stress environments they already operate in?

Dog & Boy’s producer Daiki Sakurai believes the process could open up the industry to more variety, “If creators can choose a production method suitable for their work without being bound by a fixed production method, they will have a wider range of expression. By providing creators with a variety of choices, I would like to contribute to the evolution of the animation industry into a freer and stronger one.

Photo Credit: Netflix Japan

Netflix Japan does not address the issues that other animators have expressed. Instead, the streaming company offers empty corporate speak that isn’t exactly comforting, “As a studio, Netflix focuses on supporting creators in the creation of works on a daily basis. As the shortage of human resources in the animation industry is seen as an issue, we hope that this initiative will contribute to the realization of a flexible animation production process through appropriate support for creators using the latest technology.

What do you think of studios using AI to generate art, characters, or backgrounds? Let us know below.

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