Comic Book Industry Cancel Culture Continues!

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In the past few weeks, the mainstream comic book industry is seemingly going insane trying to squash any and all association with “comicsgate.” This after an alleged “whisper network” of comics editors, freelancers and journalists in a hidden Facebook group was outed.

Posts made public that seemed to indicate what has been theorized for awhile — that there are groups actively trying to gatekeep the comics industry, and that peoples’ careers in the industry seem to be subject to them whims of networks like this.

We talk about how a [admittedly tacky] joke has tossed kerosene on the fire of an already volatile situation, and how veteran comic book artist Art Thibert is now under fire by former industry friends and even actor Patton Oswalt (?!) who himself has made many off color jokes about cancer.

What the hell happened to comics?!

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