Adobe Just DESTROYED Itself! New TOS Allows Adobe to SPY on Users?!

R.I.P. Adobe. The new Terms of Service allow Adobe to snoop around in user files and even cancel your account based on what they find. Oh, and they can also use your work to train their AI. You MUST agree to these terms or you can’t use Creative Cloud. And the internet is FURIOUS. It’s bad enough that Adobe is a subscription service now, and you can’t actually “buy” the app, and now this.

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00:00 Adobe’s new terms of service allow them to spy on users and access private files, causing concern and anger among subscribers.

03:06 Adobe’s new terms of service allow them to spy on users, causing controversy and concern among the community.

06:14 Adobe’s new terms of service allow them to spy on users, raising concerns about privacy violations and potential bans on platforms like Patreon and YouTube.

10:06 Adobe’s new terms of use allow them to access and delete user content, and they are facing backlash for selling AI-generated images and potentially targeting critics.

12:51 Adobe’s new terms of service allow them to spy on users’ activity, potentially leading to privacy concerns and shadow banning.

16:39 Adobe’s new terms of service allow them to spy on users, leading to a potential shift to alternative platforms like Linux for privacy protection.

18:19 Adobe’s new terms allow them to access and analyze user content, causing backlash from users who are unable to opt out.

21:27 Adobe’s new TOS allows spying on users, raising privacy concerns as companies like Adobe, Google, and Microsoft become industry standard.

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